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Integrated service

DropTag® is more than a device – it is a system and a service. The DropTag puck enables a myriad of new business opportunities, from parcel condition monitoring through to vehicle telematics insurance.

DropTag combines:

  1. Puck. This is the enabler. It is purposefully simple, yet secure. No GPS, no modems, no complex displays – we've kept it simple. This means we can keep it cheap – our target BoM cost remains at $2-3 for the components, excluding customer-specific casework/attachment
  2. Data security. DropTag doesn't share its information with everybody. Best practice encryption and authentication is used to ensure that DropTag® only benefits those who need to know
  3. Smart-device interaction. DropTag uses the latest smart devices as data hubs. It interacts locally with them via Bluetooth Smart and an onboard DropTag® app module shares the relevant usage data with a cloud server via a cellular or wi-fi data connection
  4. Journey inference. Even without GPS we can learn a lot about a journey, and with a GPS-enabled smart device interrogating the DropTag puck, we can build a very complete picture of where, as well as when, critical events happened