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Evolve and iterate

The DropTag platform has been designed to evolve. It is a flexible, entirely modular condition-monitoring system. It can perform the crucial role of an initial inexpensive logging solution, through to a fully integrated condition-monitoring system.

A typical lifecycle for data analysis would follow the flow shown in the figure below…

Cambridge Consultants can host the entire DropTag® service. The various sub-systems can then be modified or replaced with the user’s own systems as the business grows, allowing better integration into existing or new infrastructure such as user authentication or billing systems. The service is modular, allowing different sub-systems to be run by different operators.

Cambridge Consultants can also help conduct trials to assess specific event characteristics which are of interest, and develop custom onboard algorithms optimised for these events. As more information is gathered about the real behaviour of the equipment, the sensor nodes themselves can be redesigned to be directly incorporated into the equipment.

DropTag LOGGERs are attached to the equipment under investigation. These data loggers record high-resolution sensor data to an SD card continually for up to seven days/nights. The data is transferred to our secure server, where analysis is performed automatically to find critical events. More detailed analysis can then be performed manually by our experts to assess the specific characteristics of the critical events, and they can develop algorithms to detect those specific events in a low-power environment. The algorithms are deployed to DropTag EVENT sensor nodes, and attached to the equipment for monitoring. When something in the system changes – a new bearing supplier is used, for example, or an unexpected condition occurs which had not previously been characterised – DropTag LOGGERs can again be used and the iterative process further refined.