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    The RF systems group challenges convention

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Radio & RF Systems

The RF systems group challenges convention to create novel solutions that mean our clients can differentiate in the wireless arena

The RF and Systems facility at Cambridge Consultants has an experienced team of engineers and consultants who work on leading-edge products that utilise wireless in all its many forms and varieties.

We will adapt, design, fit or configure the best wireless solution to suit the client’s end requirement. We are entirely agnostic as to the choice of solution.

As a service we are equally versed in working alongside our clients as an addendum to the client development organisation or, alternatively, we can work as a virtual development resource for an organisation that has no incumbent R&D facility.

We are in a unique position to supply a service that:

  • Delivers value to our clients at all stages, from ideas generation through to complete product delivery
  • Allows us an unrivalled ability to deliver business needs with technology solutions
  • Has allowed us to develop many ‘world firsts’ for our clients
  • Allows us to design and develop products that other companies say are impossible to deliver
  • Develops both bespoke and standards-based RF products
  • Allows us to take an objective and system-wide view of your project

With one of the largest independent groups of wireless engineers in the world, it will be no surprise that we have well-equipped laboratories and all the relevant tools at our disposal to develop truly innovative wireless products under one roof. Our areas of development expertise encompass a broad range of vertical markets, from medical technology through to defence and security, and from cellular wireless through to wireless audio.